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Top 5 Fire Stock Footage Packs for VFX Artists

Posted by Mark Miko on
Top 5 Fire Stock Footage Packs for VFX Artists

In this article, we will show you the best Fire stock footage for VFX Artists to composite with. No matter what compositing software you use, whether it's Nuke, After Effects, Hit Film or something else, these packs will help you take your VFX shots to the next level!

1. Structure Fire: Walls & Ceiling

 This pack will allow you to composite fire for any structural scene. Take a look at the example below:

The example below is from the trailer for the pack. For this, we composited a day-time fire look. The elements come with transparent background, so you can get to compositing the shot as quickly as possible.

This pack is not only for compositing day-time fire shots. Take a look at the shot below, which is for a night time scene.

In this shot, the assets from the pack were used to create a glowy night-time fire composite. Because the alpha was done appropriately and the fire elements are correctly exposed, it was very easy to achieve such look with the internal Glow effects in After Effects.

2. Forest Fire - Vol. 1 

Visual FX Pro was actually the first company to release Forest Fire VFX Stock elements. This has been a very popular pack due to the flexibility it allows for compositors. Take a look at the shot below:

As you can see, the 'Fire Branches' elements can be used to create a realistic fire on top of the live-action plate, on top of the plants, trees or bushes.

3. Large Ground Fires

This pack gets used on almost every single fire VFX shot. This pack can be used to add fire to the ground, whether it's in a room or outside for the grass. However, you can also use this to fill in the space inside of a house for example. In the example below, you can see the Large Ground Fire elements added to the ground.


 4. Burning Wood

This pack is also one of the best selling packs in our Fire category. It allows compositors to add burning wood elements to their fire VFX shots. Adding details like this can exponentially increase the realism for your shots. Take a look at the shot below:

In the shot above, you can see how much detail can actually be added with this pack. Including over 40 stock assets, this pack will give you flexibility like no other pack!

5. Falling Fire Debris

The last pack featured on this list is also one that will allow you to add details to your shots, just making it that much closer to realism. This is a must, as you can see in the shot below:

This shot is the prime example of adding details with this particular pack. You can see how much better the falling fire debris make the shot look and adds more momentum, therefore realism to the composited elements.


As a bonus, please check out a collection of tutorials made by us that should showcase the packs mentioned in this article and also to learn more about compositing fire.

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