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Create Realistic Forest Fire VFX - Forest Fire - Vol. 1

Posted by Mark Miko on
Create Realistic Forest Fire VFX - Forest Fire - Vol. 1

Creating realistic Fire VFX has been possible for many years now for VFX Artists, adding Fire to Buildings, Houses, Interiors...However, creating realistic Forest Fire sequences has been always very hard, because there wasn't any dedicated fire collections. And that is the reason why, we at Visual FX Pro, decided to dedicate our time and most efforts to bring you our Forest Fire - Vol. 1.

Before we dive into what makes our Forest Fire stock footage collection special, let's see the composited shot and breakdown to follow, from the trailer.

Now that you see the shot we're going to be talking about, let's see what the collection includes:

  1. Tree trunks
  2. Tree branches

There are a few important aspects of a forest fire, Tree Trunks Fire & Tree Branches Fire.

Let's look at Tree trunks fire elements first

It's very important that the fire emitting from the tree trunks are accurate. The thing is with other fire elements, that they don't have the right shape or positions of the fire emitting. Let me show you what I mean:

In the example above, one of the Tree Trunk Fire element from the pack, you can clearly see how differently the fire is emitting than from a regular wall or pole. That is a real tree trunk on fire. Which is the reason why, when composited correctly, you can create the illusion of a tree trunk on fire.

Let's move onto Tree Branches Fire elements

In the example below, you can clearly see that these elements are crucial when creating forest fire visual effects.

So how can you composite these elements? Fortunately, because of the amount of details preserved in the stock footage elements, you can composite them on top actual branches, even if the branches are slightly off. See in the example below:

Lastly, Smoke.

Smoke elements are also incredibly important when compositing any fire visual effects. If you'd like to read more about that, check out this article: Fire VFX - Why Smoke Is So Important when Compositing Fire

In this shot, we used our Smoke Vol. 1 collection. For an incredible small price tag, you can unlock creating more realistic and better fire visual effects!

Forest Fire - Vol. 1

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