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The Highest Quality and most affordable 2D stock footage for Visual Effects

Posted by Mark Miko on
The Highest Quality and most affordable 2D stock footage for Visual Effects

Visual FX Pro is the best place to find the highest quality and most affordable stock footage elements for Visual Effects.

Although, there are already a few other companies selling 2D stock footage for Visual Effects, why should you buy from us? Well, firstly, we proudly offer our 2D stock footage assets at the most affordable price tags, but keeping the same high quality professional standard.

Secondly, we have worked in the industry ourselves for many years, so we know exactly what kind of assets the industry needs and how they should be created; what should be in mind when filming particular assets, such as keeping everything in frame, making sure certain elements are captured and edited to be realistic (for example: our Gun Smokes have that actual punch of smoke puff, such as a real Gun Smoke would have). It is crucial to know exactly how to create these assets in the right way, so you won't run into any problems when compositing! As well as providing varieties to make sure all kings of scenarios are covered, so again, no limitation occurs when compositing.

What's coming in November?

In November, we have a new Collection coming to the store: (fitting the season) our Weather Collection: this includes 3 Packs when Launching; Cold Breath Pack, Falling Snow Pack Windy Snow Pack.


At last, we hope everyone is safe during this Pandemic we find ourselves in and we wish our very best for your upcoming projects!


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